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Leigh K. Rawls is an actor and graphic designer (lkrawls.wix.com/design) based in Washington, D.C. She also serves on the board for Silver Spring Stage. Originally from Alabama, Leigh moved to DC to pursue multimedia design. She worked with the U.S. Dept. of State for seven years as a video producer, graphic designer, and visual information specialist, and now does the same for USAID. When she's not working or doing theater, she enjoys playing her ukulele, dancing, snow-skiing, and doing just about anything outdoors (especially hiking and paddleboarding!) She wishes to thank her friends, family, and co-workers for their love and support while she continues to pursue all the things that make her happy.


"One of the evening’s more curious guests is Lydia the feminist (and vegan) played by Leigh Rawls. Playing a character who refuses to be known as a victim can often come off as “holier than thou” or bitchy, however you never feel that way towards the character. Rawls has brought out a hard outer shell character who has cracks in her armor, but those cracks shine through to make Lydia more rounded and Rawls lets those cracks show at the perfect moments every time, even if she isn’t speaking." - SPENCER NELSON via THEATREBLOOM on OMNIUM GATHERUM (2017)


"Of the four mini tales it is “Improvisation on The Wonderful Bag (The Greengrocer’s Tale)” that stands out as the best. Featuring Julia Morrissey and Leigh K. Rawls, these two ladies duke it out in a “Housewives of Silver Spring” style throw down over what’s in the bag. “Improvising” their way through the contents of the bag, Rawls and Morrissey include pop-modern references as well as sprinklings of local color to keep the audience laughing through this segment." - AMANDA GUNTHER via DC METRO THEATER ARTS on ARABIAN NIGHTS (2014)




"The Ghost of Christmas Past (Leigh K. Rawls) brings a light touch to the role, infusing the subtlest of sassiness into her approach and making this particular spirit a bit more focused and present than most renditions." - AMANDA GUNTHER via DC METRO THEATER ARTS on A CHRISTMAS CAROL (2013)